Basic Leaflet map that tracks Covid-19 cases/deaths

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About this project

Using the api and basic CSS, this tracker fetches every country's covid cases, deaths, recoveries, and flag and visually represents those cases using the LeafletJS map.


  • JavaScript
  • LeafletJS


--Why did i build it?

The idea of this project came around what was at the time the height of the Covid-19. Naturally, there was a lot of dread and uncertainty spewing from the cultural zeitgeist, and every day the total cases and deaths across the globe were growing terrifyingly higher. One would assume that when a pandemic strikes, it brings along a wave of unease and confusion. Because of this, I wanted to get a nice look at the "numbers behind the disease." Of course, there was already plenty of websites that mapped the Covid-19, so I was already late to the punch. However, prominent sites like the John Hopkin Coronavirus Map were incredibly laggy on my smaller personal devices like my phone and laptop, while other sites like the CDC Data Tracker could have been a little more visually interesting.

Thus the quest to build my own (yet not as informative) Covid-19 Map was set. One that would not lag my phone due to all the incoming requests but still provide enough information to get a broader grasp of the damage Covid has brought. Simple, yet informative, that was the mission.

Problems/Bugs as of now

  • Cases circles need to change sizes to provide for better representation. Most of the countries' circles are similar sizes from one another. Needs more variance

  • The favicon is really small and low quality